So you want to attempt to improve your credit score on your own? While we strongly encourage you to signup for our Credit Advisor product, we respect your desire to want to take on this challenge yourself. We have all the tools and resources you will need as you progress through the credit enhancement process.

Some things to consider before trying to do it yourself:

  1. Without Credit Advisor, you will be forced to decipher your credit report on your own. Credit reports are very complicated and some of your decisions could end up lowering your credit score. For example, if you dispute too many accounts with the bureaus, they may disregard your dispute altogether.
  2. Should you have any questions throughout the process you will have to spend many hours sifting through the tons of information on the web. Forums and blogs are great places to start because you will find others who have gone through the process. The only issue is that every person has a very unique credit situation and others experiences are rarely translated to your situation.
  3. Credit repair is not something you can sit down one evening and create an action plan. A blueprint for credit repair is complicated and once you start to investigate errors on your report, you must stick to a plan.

While we wish you all the success in the world as you take on this project, we want to let you know that you can always bring us back into the repair process. You may decide that you need our Credit Advisors to give you advice or you may even want us to take over the repair process as whole. Whatever you decide, know that we are here to help should you need it. Good luck!

For additional information on repairing your own credit score, please visit our FTC Guidelines to DIY Credit Repair page.

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