How it Works - Credit Optimization and Repair

When negative, invalid items are damaging your credit, you can...

  • Wait 7-10 years for negative information to "drop off" your reports.
  • Try "do it yourself" investigation letters with each credit bureau.
  • Optimize your credit with a professional credit consulting company.

1. Waiting years for credit report data to "drop" is not a solution.

Few are content to wait seven years as credit information drops from their credit reports.

2. Trying credit repair on your own can be frustrating and ineffective.

On paper, credit repair looks easy. The FCRA and FTC outline the rules for credit repair and required responses from the credit bureaus to investigation letters. However, while consumers can challenge inaccurate and obsolete credit report data on their own, it can require a great deal of time and energy to achieve reasonable success. As a result, "do it yourself" credit repair is often frustrating, slow, and time-consuming at best. If you need to quickly increase your credit score and correct credit report problems, the do-it-yourself route is not the best way to attempt credit repair.

3. Using a trusted, experienced credit repair company gets results.

Veracity's credit repair and credit score optimization services offer a low-stress, affordable, and simple credit repair strategy. Veracity has one goal: to repair inaccurate credit damage that is hurting your credit score.

The formula to credit repair success is Veracity's experience combined with personalized consultation. Because we help clients every month, our credit repair program is consistently evolving and improving over time.

Personalized Credit Repair Consulting and Communication

Credit repair is unique to each credit report and each client. Any credit problem addressed with a "one size fits all" approach (kits, computer-generated letters) is less efficient than personalized credit repair. As a result of years in the business, Veracity has found that the most important step in creating a credit repair strategy lies in talking with our clients to develop credit repair goals and strategy between people, not machines.

Every Veracity client receives a unique credit repair strategy and a full consultation from our credit experts. We offer phone, email, and chat support to our credit repair clients throughout the process. When you have questions, we'll have the credit repair and "account specific" answers you need.

Immediate Credit Repair Action

When you get hit with unexpected credit problems, you need your reports and credit score corrected, fast. Veracity delivers results per our credit repair experience, and we begin credit repair actions immediately for our enrolled clients.

The sort of credit repair "investigation mills" that the FTC and others speak of tend to service their clients in bulk using computer programs. This saves credit repair "mills" time and money, but the result is credit repair that takes longer to yield positive credit score gains and improved reports. Veracity strongly believes that our clients deserve personal, "real human" attention, and we offer the most personal credit repair services available, disputing only those accounts you note as invalid, inaccurate, or misleading.

Complete Credit Report and Credit Score Analysis

There are dozens of factors that influence your credit score. Negative information such as a late payment, collections, tax lien, bankruptcy, charge-off, repossession, and foreclosure can all hurt your credit score, but even so, this "negatives" list only accounts for about a third of your credit score value. We go deeply into the positive aspects of your credit history as well, and Veracity is the only credit repair company that works to improve the other 65% of your credit score.

Our precise consulting on both credit "repair" and positive actions that can be taken with the rest of your credit profile ensures that we help increase your credit score and clean your credit reports as much as ethically possible in the shortest amount of time.

Your Credit Repair Goals ...Our Credit Repair Goals

At Veracity, we understand that healthy credit reports and improving your credit score means financial power for our clients. You don't need perfect credit to qualify for most financial programs, but the higher your credit score, the better the loan and credit offers you can receive. Our identification and credit repair priority analysis make sure that your credit repair campaign will deliver the best results as soon as possible, helping you in the short term (e.g. qualifying for a mortgage). We then move on with a continuation of priorities until your credit is as accurate and properly optimized as possible.

Unmatched Determination for Improving Your Credit

Veracity's credit repair system offers consumers the chance to work with the industry leader. Established, experienced, and aware of credit repair law, Veracity works tirelessly to enforce the rules governing credit report investigations, credit bureau responses, and report investigation proceedings. With studies showing that more than 75% of all reports contain potentially negative errors and inaccuracies, we know there's only one way to succeed in making your credit repair goals a reality... we work on your credit reports as if they were our own.

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