Veracity helped our first credit repair client in 2003, and since then our staff has worked with thousands of individuals with a wide variety of unique credit issues and goals. Veracity remains dedicated to helping consumers see significant results from corrections and higher credit scores via credit repair.

While credit problems are as unique as fingerprints, one thing remains clear... invalid credit problems or a low credit score places a roadblock in the way of a goal or need. Whether you need a home mortgage, a car loan, credit cards — or the peace of mind that comes from a great credit rating - improving your credit score will improve your results.

Please feel free to explore some of our common credit repair success stories below. You'll find that while credit repair requires personalized service, bad credit can be amended, average credit can become great credit — and most importantly, what you may think is hurting your credit score most may not be the only area where Veracity can find room for improvement and heightened accuracy.

High-Rate Mortgage Loan Based on Bad Credit Due to Inaccurate Student Loans

Kathy phoned Veracity Credit Consultants after an embarrassing and disheartening meeting at the local mortgage broker's office.

Thrilled to be moving out of their small apartment, Kathy and her husband had spent the previous days looking for their first house. They finally found the perfect place: A secluded street, big yard, modern kitchen, friendly neighbors...

They met with a loan representative about an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) program, and hoped to get below 2 % for the first year. But when the loan officer pulled their credit reports, there was a problem: they needed a 650 minimum credit score from all three bureaus to qualify, and both of their credit scores were short.

Kathy got online copies of their credit reports when they got home, and found that her deferred student loans were being reported as delinquent. But it wasn’t true!

Desperate not to lose financing on their dream home, Kathy phoned Veracity and signed up immediately. Kathy didn’t like being forced into a mortgage loan for bad credit and paying hundreds more per month due to a mistake. Veracity agreed, and got right to work.

Her husband only needed six points to reach a credit score of 660. However, he was even happier when he found his FICO score to be 681, knocking even more points off their interest rate. Kathy's credit reports were also corrected, and her improved credit score gave them access to the loan package they desired. Just weeks after the initial dismay, they secured their new home.

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Late Payment Error on Credit Cards Plus Collections Equals a Bad Credit Car Loan

We met Jay in July because he had become smitten with a hot, new vehicle.

He'd successfully negotiated down from the original MSRP to just more than $21,000, and he could already feel the exhaust rumbling as he peeled out of the lot...

And then he was yanked back to the red light of reality: a bad credit auto loan.

"I'm very sorry. I'm afraid we cannot continue without a cosigner on this loan."


Confused and frustrated — but still intent on purchasing the new vehicle — Jay came to Veracity for help with his bad credit. Through a careful credit report analysis, five separate areas of his reports were identified that could be improved upon quickly.

Among other things, several unrecognized credit card "late payments" and a mysterious collection listing from 1999 had lowered Jay's credit score to a 578.

Veracity credit repair actively disputed the late payments and collections accounts, and Jay saw deletions 63 days after his bad day at the dealer. No more "bad credit auto loan" for him. Jay was set with a better credit score … and more buying power.

As the leaves were changing and convertible cruising was beckoning, Jay strolled into the dealership, obtained immediate financing with his new 667 credit score, and drove off into the sunset in his sporty new ride. That's how a car loan should go!

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Divorce Ties Potential Homeowner to Bankruptcy, Credit Score Damaged

"Hi. I have been through a divorce."

This was our introduction to Nanette in September. In the time since the divorce, she'd earned several raises at her job and was doing well financially.

Late in the spring, Nanette and the new man in her life, Robert, began looking for a new home. Both assumed they had average credit or better.

As they began the loan application process, Nanette was shocked to learn that a bankruptcy and several charge-off accounts were showing as negative items on her credit reports. While the accounts should have been associated with her ex-husband and had nothing to do with Nanette, they were damaging her credit score and she was in immediate danger of not qualifying for the home loan!

Nanette called on Veracity Credit Consultants to help clear her credit.

After just three months of work, all accounts that were previously associated with Nanette from her first marriage were deleted from her record altogether.

As each item was successfully deleted from her report, Nanette's credit score increased.

When all was said and done, Nanette was able to improve her credit score by 119 points and easily qualifying her for a good home loan rate. She and Robert are happily living there now, and are expecting their first child.

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Inaccurate Late Payments on Credit Cards Results in Higher Interest Rates

John came to us in January with serious credit card problems.

A temporary drop in wages, a son in college, and "life in general" had severely increased John's credit balances to more than $35,000, distributed among four different creditors.

While the sum was more than John would have liked on his credit accounts, he had planned for the revolving accounts carefully, applying for — and getting — reasonable interest rates (for example, a 0 % introductory APR for 9 months). Perfect? No. But for John, carrying this debt at 0 % was the best solution … for the time being.

Then the mail came. John opened his bills and … ARGH!!!

The average APR interest had magically increased — a whole bunch! John did some quick math: He was shelling out $6,650 per year in interest alone on his credit cards.

Understandably so, he was furious that the interest rates had been hiked.

After digging around, John discovered that a few months prior, three incorrect late payments had been added to his credit reports. The next time his credit card companies ran a credit check, John's damaged credit score triggered a "fine print" clause. The creditors then raised interest rates to the maximum allowable — about 29% APR!

John put Veracity Credit Consultants on the case. Within 60 days the incorrect late pays were removed from his reports. Additionally, derogatory credit information on older accounts was also cleaned up. This raised John's credit score by a total of 51 points.

Armed with an optimized credit score, John contacted the lenders and demanded they reduce his rates. The creditors could hardly ignore such an accurate, clean credit history, and in all cases the creditors rewarded John with the interest rates he rightly deserved.

The savings to John? A rather significant $4,375 in the first year of interest payments!

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Bankruptcy, Collections and Tax Liens Block Home Refinance Plans

Wendy became a Veracity client in October as a result of problems she had obtaining a "refi" (refinance) on her home mortgage loan.

She and her husband were saddled with two mortgages, and 9 % interest rates were making it tough to budget for much else. With a market offering interest rates that were at 40-year lows, the timing seemed right and refinancing seemed like a perfect solution.

Knowing how much cash she'd save with a “refi” loan that consolidated their home mortgages at a single, lower interest rate, Wendy called Veracity Credit Consultants when her loan officer advised she clean up her FICO credit score.

A quick glance at her credit reports and the damage was obvious. Wendy had a tax lien and six other negative records, including bankruptcy, on her report. Wendy was not surprised that a bankruptcy could sink her home refinance. What did surprise her was that she'd never had a tax lien and she'd never actually filed bankruptcy!

While most credit reports contain errors, Wendy's case was extreme. However, after five months of disputing the invalid information with all three credit bureaus, Veracity was able to remove the inaccurate listings for good — even the bankruptcy.

With the "refi" rate drops still in full swing, Wendy was quickly approved for a 5.75% fixed interest rate on her refinanced mortgage, thereby consolidating her outstanding debts and rolling together her first and second mortgages.

Better credit and better interest rates dropped Wendy's monthly payments by $137/month, saving her nearly $50,000 over the term of her 30-year mortgage.

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